Tutoring... With a Twist

Tutoring...With A Twist is a full-service Tutoring Agency which currently operates in Duncan, Nanaimo, Nanoose Bay, Parksville and Qualicum! We service all ages and all skill levels.  All our Tutors have Criminal Record Checks and most are certified teachers. We have specialty tutors for those with specific needs. We are flexible with our location and scheduling! Every client receives a report as to their progress. The "Twist" part of our programming is that not only will our clients walk away more proficient in the academic subject they came to us for, but also in a pre-determined life skill. 

Tutoring...With A Twist offers:

•    Advancement in Core Subjects such as English & Math
•    Enhancement of Life Skills
•    Mobile Tutors
•    BC Certified Team of Teachers
•    Guaranteed Success beyond the Classroom
•    Individualized Approach 



Tutoring Options...

We are offering group based tutoring in Parksville & Nanaimo.

For group tutoring, we will cover core subjects through predominantly workbook learning.

We will have a minimum span of three grades in one sitting and a minimum of six learners with one tutor.

This will be an Investment of $20/hour, minimum two hour booking, plus the workbook fee (approx. $25-30). Please note: If you want a group of three learners then it is an investment of $30/hour.

We will look to fill Monday, Wednesday and Friday first and then see if other days need to be booked.

Thanks in advance!
Amber Scotchburn, Owner/Operator

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I have had the experience of working under Ms. Scotchburn and I would like to share my experience. Ms. Scotchburn delivers a program that is individualized and avoids any type of boredom due to her creative format of the way she engages group members in the activities run. READ MORE

MichelleChild and Youth Worker


This was one of the teachers whom I can truly say I will never forget because of her constant brightness, and positive attitude towards students. Her faith in us and charisma was what really enticed students to come to class everyday because we were in a pleasant environment... READ MORE

SabrinaStudent at the University Of Guelph-Humber